Ethics and Legal
'Rapid Industrial provide a specialise workforce and can supply our fully trained staff at short notice, around the clock.
Ethics and Legal
Rapid’s Industrial Division is committed to providing a service that meets all legal requirements, so that our customers are fully confident that their Agency workers are being treated properly and fairly and all rules and regulations are being adhered to. You can be sure that all workers have valid work permits and pay the correct amount of taxes.

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Rapid employ a Compliance Officer, Lisa Newman. She has an excellent understanding of health and safety and works closely with our clients to ensure that all relevant rules and regulations are strictly adhered to.

Rapid Recruitment Solutions are proud to have been one of the first companies to have successfully achieved a Gangmasters License:
  • The License was introduced in response to well publicised abuses of laws and regulations by some labour providers. To achieve the License, Rapid was audited over a 2 day period, when all our operational procedures were thoroughly checked. A number of employees were interviewed to check that they were treated fairly and correctly
  • The audit gives our customers the assurance that your Agency workers are well looked after and that all employment laws are strictly adhered to.
Rapid Employment is firmly committed to providing a service that strictly adheres to the guidelines of the GLA.
  • Confirmation of our license can be viewed on the
  • From December 2006, it has been illegal for an Agency to operate without one. Furthermore, if a labour user has workers supplied by a labour provider who is not licensed, they commit an offence under Section 13 of the Gangmasters Licensing Act 2004. Failure to comply with the new legislation could result in the labour user being punished with up to 51 weeks in prison and a £5000 fine.

Rapid Recruitment is regularly inspected by both Government Agencies and our customers. They routinely find that Rapid Recruitment operates to the highest of ethical standards.

"Rapid have provided us with an excellent all round service. Their temporary staff have been very good and the work based training that they can provide is very helpful."
David Carter, FT Short, King's Lynn
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