Rapid Employment and Recruitment Ltd. Is committed as an organisation to ensuring that none of its employees should suffer from human trafficking or exploitation.

Our Compliance Officer, Lisa Newman, has attended a Stronger Together training course. The knowledge she gained on the course has been passed onto other staff within Rapid so that they are fully aware of the issues of Modern Slavery. They are trained to look for indications that people are being exploited and can talk to them in confidence.

There are posters on the employee notice board notifying staff that if they are aware that someone may be being exploited, they should let a member of Rapid staff know immediately.

Our Compliance Officer visits our clients’ sites during the year to conduct worker interviews with our staff, at their place of work. A translator will be present. Questions are designed to establish whether the member of staff has been exploited or if they may have been victims of trafficking.

As things have been more difficult to visit many company`s at the present time because of Covid we have tried to reassure all employees we are always available with any concerns they have.

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